CRI Producers Agree to Help Students Develop News Production Skills

Students in the WPU Digital Communication program have a very unique learning opportunity in the form of an assignment.  Students of Professor Matt Wagner’s TV News I class have been tasked to job-shadow a CRI Producer and write a reflection paper over the experience they attain and the questions they may possibly have.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for students to get real world experience while also furthering their education in the classroom,” says CRI Producer AJ Hodgeman.

Hodgeman was assigned his own group of students to take out individually on job shadowing duties.  “Not many universities are able to provide hands on experience like WPU is through CRI,” he adds.

Students seem to appreciate the experience and have additionally been taught time-management and communication skills.

“We’re encouraged to ask questions and take notes,” says participating student Lauryn Franck, “we had to start planning this out in advance in order for us all to get an individual shadowing experience on a news story.”

According to the requirements outlined on Eagle, students will be evaluated based on evidence that they participated, asked intelligent questions and developed observation skills.

Aside from the process of communicating and coordinating scheduling issues, students are able to gain wisdom and experience in the field from CRI Producers while earning a grade in the classroom.

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CRI (Communication Research Institute):


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