William Penn Launches New and Improved Site

William Penn’s online presence has recently undergone an extreme makeover.

On January 20th, phase one of rebuilding Penn’s main website, http://www.wmpenn.edu was launched to the public. The first out of three phases is said to be more user friendly by Marketing Technical Director of William Penn University, Jennifer Wilson.

“The site needed to be redeveloped to reflect the growth at William Penn University and to be more user-friendly,” said Wilson. “It also needed clearer navigation and more information available.”

Penn’s site had not been redesigned since 2008. Human resources and time were to blame for the out of date site. No one was around to maintain it until Wilson came into the picture in 2010 with a clear goal to fix the site.

Wilson met with faculty and staff members from different departments on campus. A lot of input was put into the new goals and objectives everyone wanted the website to meet.

“There was a lot of support and enthusiasm for the project, “ said Wilson. “It made my job a lot easier.”

After a design was decided, Wilson met with Dr. Ann Fields and the Cabinet to make the pitch. Once it was approved, work was started to actually get all the content. Information was divided into categories, and according to priority, moved into certain phases.

Production of the website began in October and in December, Wilson began entering in content. After the website was launched, Wilson heard some immediate feedback.

“As a whole, the site was well-received,” said Wilson.

“It’s so much easier to navigate, William Penn Student,” Courtney Kronmuller said of the new site. “I think it makes William Penn more marketable to have a nice website.”

While the new site is up and running, there are still changes to be made. Wilson says phase two will hopefully be done by June 30th, 2012. Phase three will start soon after.


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