WPU Cheer Squad Honored to Host Regionals

WPU Cheer Squad taking third-place at Daytona Beach Nationals in 2011, earning them the honor of hosting Regionals in 2012.  Photo courtesy of Katie Williams.

Saturday February 11th was a very exciting afternoon for the Statesmen Cheerleaders who hosted the 2nd annual NAIA Cheer and Dance Regional Invitational, in which 14 cheer and dance teams competed to represent the Midwest Cheer and Dance Conference at Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL.  The cheerleading squad was selected to host the event after placing first at the competition hosted at Grand View last year and taking home third-place after their performance at Nationals in Daytona Beach in the small-coed division.

Although a loss in numbers due to academic eligibility and other personal reasons has affected the squad’s ability to compete in Regionals or Nationals in the 2012 season, the squad has managed to set an example of what it means to maintain an athlete attitude and most plan to come back next year in hopes of another shot at competition.

“I think next year will be great considering we’ve got the people on the squad that we know want to be there and will put forth the effort required in all aspects,” says William Penn Cheerleader Abby Glandon from Sigourney, IA. With a blend of talent and hard work Glandon believes all things in cheerleading can run more smoothly.  “I’m very excited about competing next year!”

Those cheerleaders graduating leave with memories of being on ESPN last year and an experience traveling across the U.S. as a team.  “I wish next year’s squad all the best of luck,” says senior Bethany Gates, who was a part of the team last year when they claimed the number one spot at Regionals and placed third at Nationals.

To follow the cheerleading squad and view pictures from the competition on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Statesmen-Cheerleading/108067739235318?ref=ts


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