Penn&Ink Publication In the Works

Penn&Ink, an annual magazine compiled by Penn students and faculty for their peers, is currently in the process of being laid out, says Kilie Anderson, William Penn Communication student and Penn&Ink editor.  Penn&Ink is credited by Anderson as a great addition to the campus because it accepts a wide range of submissions from all those affiliated with Penn.

Penn&Ink traditionally accepts writing and Anderson has said she would look at art photos submitted in an attached .JPEG file.  Outside of people getting to look at a variety of WPU works, Penn&Ink also allows a light to be shined on the arts.

“What Penn&Ink is to William Penn is a creative outlet for students to showcase their work, whether it be art or writing,” says Anderson.

With an early January submission deadline, many students missed what they thought was their only opportunity to submit their art and poetry.  However, Anderson urges people to still send in submissions, because although it is not guaranteed to be included, a work in progress is always subject to expand.

As far as after the editing process is done the books are normally handed out to those who submitted, the offices of Penn, and others who would not toss the book out when they are done.

“The copies of the magazine of free.  I really hope to keep it that way,” says Anderson.

Any submissions from William Penn students, alumni, faculty or staff can be sent in digital form to: or


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