New Drug Testing Policy at WPU

Starting fall 2012, William Penn University will be enforcing a new drug testing policy on all students attending school on an athletic scholarship.

Before a student can take part in a sport they will be expected to sign a consent form for random drug testing.  The urine sample test, done by Mahaska Health, will cover a broad range of drugs from Amphetamines to Marijuana.  Athletic Director Greg Hafner says this policy is to slow down the usage of drugs for those representing William Penn.

“We want to give students the opportunity to say no to drugs,” Hafner says, “or to accept the consequences if they do them.”

Hafner says all coaches are supportive of the shift in policy.  Some athletes also have positive outlooks on the method. Melanie Mackey, a freshman athlete at WPU, said the random method of testing had the possibility to “weed out the people who are passionate about their sports. If you really love what you do, you’ll drop a bad habit for it.”

Currently drug violation cases at William Penn are handled individually by the coach, however starting in the fall the new policy will be standard for all athletes.  There are three different consequence levels, each depending on how many positive tests occur during the time of eligibility.  All of these consequences are outlined in the WPU Intercollegiate Athletics Drug Education and Testing Program Policy Statement.

However not all involved in athletics agree with the random drug testing.

“I think that this will make student athletes leave instead of choose to come here,” says Regina Crawford, a WPU freshman on athletic scholarship, “we are in college and what we do with our lives should not affect our schooling and sports.”

For more information on the new drug testing policy that will be in effect click: WPU Intercollegiate Athletics Drug Education & Testing Program Policy Statement.

Fall 2012


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