New SGA President “Working Harder For You”

Saturday, May 5th at midnight a transition was made at William Penn that occurs every year; a new SGA President stepped forward based on the votes of their classmates.

March 30th the polls revealed former Vice President of SGA, Roy Aguillion, is claiming the spot of President. His Presidency will encompass the following 2012-2013 school year where he will be expected to set an agenda and provide ceremonial roles. But that’s not all.

“It’s more than just setting an agenda and going through the motions,” says Aguillion, “I act as a visionary for students and I’m not afraid to take the fight to the administration in budget battles.”

Coveting the slogan “Working harder for you”, Aguillion says his first order of business is to re-do the budgeting process to disperse funds more evenly throughout clubs and organizations.

“Lackluster and disorderly clubs will be held accountable,” says Aguillion, “I want to ensure the money goes to the clubs who deserve it.”

Aguillion gained his Presidency with 100% of the vote. Aside from the fact that he had no competition, Aguillion credits success to his “out of the box” approach and followers knowing that what they believe in will be brought to light at WPU.

“He’s an ideal representative of student opinion,” says supporter Rachel Christenson, “With the public speaking experience we need to be heard by administration.”

(Above) Newly elected SGA President Roy Aguillion (left) stands with Presidential candidate Ron Paul (right) in Des Moines, IA.

If you’re looking to make suggestions and voice comments or concerns, Aguillion says he’s ready to craft ideas with other people in mind and he’s not opposed to compromise.

“If you’ve got ideas there is a box outside the SGA office for them,” says Aguillion, “Otherwise look for SGA faces around campus, we’re all dedicated to working harder for you.”


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