Penn&Ink Now Accepting Submissions

by Hailey Brown

WPU Student

Penn&Ink, an annual literary magazine produced by William Penn University students, staff and faculty, is currently accepting submissions for the 2012-2013 year.

Kilie Steel, sole Penn&Ink editor, said it is a great addition to campus because it showcases a variety of writing styles and artwork.

Steel is retuning as editor for the second year in a row, but she said by no means does she produce the magazine alone.  Penn&Ink advisor Dr. Jared Pearce, students, and those who contribute via email also help to make the magazine a success.

“The journal is student-run–and it really is student run: the editor makes all the final decisions, often with input from a group of editors.  My role is to offer advice with regards to calendar, design, production, and budget,” Pearce said.

Submissions are currently being accepted from those affiliated with Penn who have the desire to share their work with others on campus and in the community.  It has traditionally accepted all styles of writing, Steel said.  She will consider art photos submitted to her in a JPEG file attached in an email.  There is currently no limit on the number of submissions one may make.

Steel also mentioned that Penn&Ink is not confined to one way of writing or one form of art.  She also has hopes this year that more people will take interest in being part of it.

“I hope to get more submissions than last year,” she said.

With a Jan. 16 deadline, all are urged to send in submissions as soon as possible.

For those who have never heard of the magazine, the end product is handed out to those who have submitted writing such as poetry and stories, as well as pictures that are taken or created as art.  Penn faculty offices, the library, and those who request a copy of Penn&Ink are welcome to the publication at no cost.

“The copies of the magazine are free and I really hope to keep it that way,” Steel said. “All who appreciate art, whether it is in the form of writing or a photograph, have access to the magazine if they desire it.”
Submissions from Penn students, alumni, faculty or staff may be sent in digital form by Jan. 16 to Penn&Ink Editor Kilie Steel at

(Read more about this story in the December 2012 issue of The Chronicle, William Penn University’s student newspaper–copies will be available on campus and in the Oskaloosa community on December 6.)


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