First Snow Awaits New Students

by India Smith

WPU Student

Warm winter days and cool winter nights are what most students from the South are used to during this time of the year, but coming from an environment where wearing a jacket or a sweatshirt would do during the winter to having to purchase a heavy coat is something new to those William Penn students who have never actually seen snow.

Having the first snow of the year is an exciting time for some, but for those students who have never come across snow- it’s a new experience. James Devlin, who is from Tampa, Fla., has never witnessed snow first hand.

“Snow isn’t a big deal to me. I have a lot of winter clothes already so I should be prepared when that first snow hits,” Devlin said.

Devlin, who is used to tropical weather, can’t wait to get back home to enjoy the weather he has grown to love.

“Being in Iowa has shown me the real definition of cold,” he said.

William Penn has a mixture of students from across the world. The students at WPU haven’t witnessed the first snowfall of the year yet, but once it does hit, you can expect a lot of students will be wishing they could be back home where the weather is warm.

(Read more about this story in the December 2012 issue of The Chronicle, William Penn University’s student newspaper–copies will be available on campus and in the Oskaloosa community on December 6.) 


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