Spring 2013 Class Registration Underway

by Chelsea La Rue

WPU Student

As fall term is finishing up, William Penn University students are busy planning their spring 2013 schedules.

According to WPU Assistant Registrar Pamela Eklund nearly 600 of Penn’s students have registered so far. William Penn offers more than 300 different courses for students to take next semester. As the month of November comes to a close, nearly 20 of those courses are full and closed off to more students registering.

Students who do not get into the courses they wish have the chance to be put on a wait list. There are two spots on each course wait list that is monitored. As soon as a spot opens up, the first student on the list will be placed in the class.

The most popular classes that fill up the quickest tend to be those in the Leadership Core. All students at Penn, no matter what major, have to satisfy the leadership requirements. Some of these classes include Contemporary Leadership and Quaker Values.

“Spring of 2013 is my last term I had to register for,” Garrett Ramsey, a senior education major, said. “A lot of the education professors prefer that we have a plan before coming to make our schedules.”

Ramsey encourages all students to meet with their advisors as soon as they are eligible to begin registering for courses.

The course schedule can be found on Eagle and posted in several places in Penn Hall. Students are urged to get their schedules taken care of sooner, rather than later.

“The longer you wait, the less available seats there are,” Eklund said.

(Read more about this story in the December 2012 issue of The Chronicle, William Penn University’s student newspaper–copies will be available on campus and in the Oskaloosa community on December 6.)


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