Students Enter Doritos Video Contest

Students Jordan Triemer, Alanna  Conners,  and Melanie Mackey on set for the Doritos shoot.  (Photo provided by Matt Wagner)

Students Jordan Triemer, Alanna Conners, and Melanie Mackey on set for the Doritos shoot. (Photo provided by Matt Wagner)

by Kramer Patterson

WPU Student

Many people watch the Super Bowl for the football, but some find interest in other aspects of the game. Some people who watch the game enjoy the halftime show and the music that usually goes along with it, while others enjoy the commercials. Companies even take the time to come up with their top commercials of the year. One, the Doritos Company, sponsors a contest where fans can enter a video they created. This contest has attracted the attention of thousands, including William Penn University Digital Communication students.

Professor Matt Wagner’s COMM 202 Scriptwriting for Visual Concepts, along with the Video Production class, has entered the Crash the Super Bowl contest. Wagner said he came up with the idea while he was teaching the class, calling the contest a “fun idea and a neat marketing campaign”. Wagner also said he wanted the class to see what a production is like from start to finish. From an academic standpoint, Wagner said “it gives the students experience of producing something.”

Students came up with the ideas, wrote the script and produced the video.

One of the more impressive facts about the video is the students did everything on their own.  Wagner said he had no role in production of the video, but was “very impressed with the student leadership roles.” The roles the students stepped into were producers, directors, directors of photography, and the editor.  The producers were seniors Lucas Burns and Katie Rielly. The director was Jack Borcherding. The director of film was Drew Ruggles. The editor was sophomore Mikayla Djordjevic. Students volunteered for the roles during class, and volunteered their time to help.

Djordjevic said her role during the shoot was to help around the set. Once the filming was finished, she was in charge of putting the video together and editing it.

The video had to be 30 seconds long, and had to be in by Nov. 16.

Several rules were set down by the Doritos foundation. Some of these had to do with time length while others had to do with things like sound. Doritos provided all of the sound for the videos; any song or noise other than the actual audio of the video had to be from a list Doritos provided. Some of the things the students used were music clips, graphics, and a crunch sound effect.

Voting takes place on Facebook, and while voting will not mean a video wins the contest, because Doritos has its own panel judge the results, it could help get them noticed.  Facebook viewers can also see videos produced by other contestants and rate their favorite videos. The winner will be shown on the Super Bowl telecast on Feb. 3, 2013.

(Read more about this story in the December 2012 issue of The Chronicle, William Penn University’s student newspaper–copies will be available on campus and in the Oskaloosa community on December 6.)


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