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FACE, otherwise known as the Fine Arts & Cultural Events group of Mahaska County, is an organization that is meant to be a benefit to the residents of Mahaska County as an artistic outlet. It’s mission statement says that “the mission of FACE is to foster the arts as a catalyst to strengthen our community.”

To meet this goal, FACE works hand in hand with the town of Oskaloosa on many different artistic projects throughout the community. One in particular is the Art on the Square, FACE gives out $5000 worth of raffle tickets every year for people to spend at this event. This can work to persuade higher quality artists to come into town and display their work. The group also sponsors many different children’s art programs for a vast range of ages, including collegiate level workshops. These classes focus on something different at each meeting with hopes to relay the great disparate potential that lies in various forms of artistic expression.

According to Sue VanWyk, the groups focus is not limited to fostering talented artists out of their own program, but extends their artistic network into the surrounding community for the purposes of bringing the right artist’s to the right workshops or gallery displays.

Some of the more relevantly salient goals of this organization include the conviction that:

“To work as a catalyst in the arts community by helping to find solutions to community initiatives that require assistance.”

“To encourage and nurture innovation and manage the risks inherent in creating art.”

Their main purpose is to encourage people from all types of various backgrounds to participate in the arts. They believe it fundamental to the human experience and that all of us have the ability to create resting within ourselves.

To see more about FACE, check out there Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/FACEofMahaskaCounty?fref=ts


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