New Television Channel Launching at Penn

Willy P Tv

“Willy P TV” template at the Information Services department

William Penn will soon launch an on-campus, television channel called “Willy P TV” that will provide updated schedules on events, activities and athletic news. The channel will be available across campus this upcoming fall semester.

“Willy P TV” was the brainchild of Advancement and Alumni relations office that saw a need for connecting and promoting event awareness on campus. Associate vice president for development, Marsha Riordan said that the channel will have update schedules.

“ We saw there was need to have a mean of communication for everyone on campus and so when we have events, it will come across on television channels, and when we guest speaker we can welcome them,” said Riordan.

The channel has been set up already by the information services department and will be on channel two.   Anyone should be able to access the channel if connected to the campus cable network. As for now, the channel has a simple background graphic with the channel’s logo and a picture of Willy P mascot.

The advancement office is working with the Public Relations office and Students Services to help provide information for the new tv channel.

“Students will be able to access the channel from their dormitories, we are working with I.T. to make sure the campus at large is hooked up,” said Riordan.

However, an issue that is still in deliberation is the locations of the television monitors. Director of the Penn Activity Center and Student Services, Levi Tarbell said that the PAC will be a prime location for new television monitors.

“We want to put them at locations that are standard and opportunistic for student to catch on the fly. Obviously, when students are around the PAC café , they are either killing time, or waiting for the elevator to go to class, so we talked bout placing one near the elevator, one by the PAC café and perhaps, another one on a wall near the café. There are a lot of options, the kicker is there’s almost too many good options.”

Morsay Lambert, a senior majoring in Wellness and Recreation says that the PAC café location would be ideal.

“I think the PAC café would most ideal for students. There are a lot of people waiting round before class. I’m very excited about the idea , I think it will help bring the campus together and raise awareness of events.”

Tarbell also said that student services would look into using the forum broadcast athletic news, raising awareness on campus of student’s activities.

In terms, of future plans, Riordan said that possibly the channel will be used to broadcast past campus events like both presidents and dean’s convocation and student productions. Moreover, the channel could in the future become a community-wide channel. Riordan said that the committee was still determining what parts of that information will be made open to the community.

The channel is set to be launched by the fall semester


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