Penn Housing Decides to Re-Open Eltse Due to Record Enrollment Numbers

By: Jasmin Sonnenschein

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

Former men’s dorm Eltse Hall has been reopened this semester to provide space for the ever-growing number of enrolled students. The dorm closed after Market Street was opened in the spring of 2013 because of updates that needed to be done. The administration closed it with the intention of reopening it again once enrollment increased.

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

“The increase in enrollment is a good problem to have. Eltse has always helped us when it came to housing students, and after last years large number of freshmen and returners, we knew that it would serve its purpose yet again” says Co-Director of Residence Life, Matt Croonquist..

Built in 1966, the dorm was originally named East Hall, but in the early 1970s the name was changed to Eltse Hall in honor of Ralph Eltse who was a 1909 Penn alumni and supported the college through generous donations. According to Milt Campbell, Head of Campus Environmental Services, the East wing is still in process of being renovated and the South and North wing will remain closed for now.

There are currently 28 students and one hall director living in the re-opened dorm, however, the total capacity of the building is capped at 100 students. There are mostly upper-classmen living in the co-ed dorm, with the exception of a few under-

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

classmen that are in good academic standing. The plan was to have Eltse ready for move-in day, which it was, apart from smaller features that had to be finished in the beginning of the school year.


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