WPU’s Campus Health Clinic Moves to the PAC

By: Amanda DeVore

WPU/ Amanda DeVore

WPU/ Amanda DeVore

William Penn University’s Campus Health Clinic will have a new home in the Penn Activity Center (PAC) this fall. Construction of this new facility began in mid July and is set to open on Oct. 6th. Director of the PAC and Student Activities, Levi Tarbell, hopes that construction will wrap up before Homecoming Week.

“I think having the health clinic in the PAC will help flow of traffic so much better,” Tarbell says. “They’ll see more students, and more students will know exactly where it’s located.”

Mahaska Health Partnership Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Diane Nutter, says that she wanted the clinic to be where the students are. They are currently being housed on the first floor of the Dana Atkins Memorial Union, past the game room and bookstore, where they don’t see much foot traffic.

The campus clinic’s new home promises more space and a closer relationship with the Athletic Trainers Office, which is located just below it on the first floor of the PAC.

The clinic’s new spacious facility will also offer more privacy, as it will harbor more space between the phones and the waiting area.

“One of our concerns about staying down here (in the Union) versus moving to the PAC was lack of privacy,” Nutter says. “Everything that happens (in the clinic), is pretty open-door, but what you say to me does stay with me… I respect your privacy as a patient and as a person.”

WPU/Amanda DeVore

WPU/Amanda DeVore

Nutter has been a family nurse practitioner for twenty years. She helped kick-start the original campus clinic back in the fall of 2012, and is now witnessing this new facility become a reality.

“A lot of students don’t have cars,” Nutter says. “It’s important to have it over here because of lack of (student) transportation and just easy access.”

According to Nutter, another reason it is important to house the clinic on campus is to help students become smart consumers of healthcare, which is something completely new to young adults just starting out on their own.

The clinic’s hours will remain the same after the move. The clinic is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., where MHP providers staff the clinic.

Services are available for all William Penn students, along with faculty, staff, and their families.

To set an appointment, patients can call 641-676-7361 or can walk in anytime. Same day appointments are accepted as long as time slots are available. When the clinic is not staffed, the phones will roll over to MHP Medical Group.

To be seen, patients must bring their William Penn ID, along with proof of insurance. If patients are on William Penn’s insurance plan, there is a short form to fill out in the clinic.


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