Lacey Press Box Completed, Future Upgrades in Store

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy Presidential/Hospitality Suite available for special occasions.

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy
Presidential/Hospitality Suite available for special occasions.

The press box is finally finished at the Lacey Sports Recreation Complex. The press box consists of four levels. The bottom level there are the home and visiting team locker rooms which has field access so teams can enter the football field or the newly finished soccer fields. With this being the first year, William Penn University has played on the finished soccer fields, it is exciting for them to emerge from the locker rooms and take the field.

The third floor is the hospitality or presidential suite. This floor can be used for gatherings and reunions at the games. With windows on both sides, people in the suite can relax in elegant style while enjoying the best WPU has to offer in athletics.

Greg Hafner, WPU Athletic Director, said,” (For the future funding) we hope to raise money with sponsorships and those kinds of things by inviting groups in to use the hospitality suite for outings.”

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy Top level of the press box.

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy
Top level of the press box.

The top level is the media level. This level allows both home and visiting teams to get the best experience at the stadium. In this level, there are rooms the coaches of both teams to sit and get a bird’s eye view of the field. The coaches come here to communicate and watch the game. There are two booths for home radio and visiting radio. A media room were the games are taped and broadcasted. A room for clock operators and the PA system people who announce the game from this room. Above these booths in a walk way is another spot for coaches to watch the games, keep stats, and TV announcers to sit and enjoy the game. That level allows roof access where we can choose to film games if so desired.

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

WPU/ Elizabeth Christy

According to Hafner, the project has cost roughly around eight million dollars. This includes: the field, the track, home and visiting bleachers, the press box, soccer field, and lights. All of this has been completed by donations, which has continued to make this facility even better. Future additions to the facility include installing a video scoreboard, concrete parking lots, and adding amenities to the visiting side like concessions and bathrooms.


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