Clubs Dominate Organization Fair

By:Clay Follmann Staff Writer 


When was the last time you got the opportunity to hold a snake? If you went to the Student Organization Fair, it may have been recently.



Photography: Clay Follmann


The Student Organization Fair was held on Tuesday, September 4th in the Union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Various groups including the computer club, business club, medieval combat society, and several Greek organizations had tables and representatives at the fair. The representatives explained how their group or club functions, and what the advantages to joining are. Advantages ranged from social groups to cross-country trips.

Most representatives had posters and props to show more about their organization and one of the main goals of the organizations was to recruit new members.

Signing up was as simple as putting down a name and possibly contact information. Most of the new sign-ups were freshmen, transfers or students trying new things.



Students at the organization Fair checked out the different clubs and organizations. Photography Clay Follmann


Several organizations said that some of the incoming freshmen that they recruit end up being very active in the club. But to recruit these potential members it is essential that an organization’s table be both intriguing and informative.

Several students described themselves as impressed with the fair. Another student said he was leaving the fair feeling more informed. With student approval and a majority of organizations agreeing that the Student Organization Fair is a worthwhile investment, there will likely be more fairs in the future.


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