Sodexo BITE on the Rise?

By: Markesha Yarbrough

Dining Services at William Penn University has launched a new app to enhance their customer’s dining experience. BITE is a mobile app that provides menus, wellness tracking, promotions, nutritional information, and customer loyalty rewards. Sodexo’s goal is to make dining easier and more convenient for William Penn students and staff. With just a couple taps and a little scrolling, anyone can have access to recipe descriptions, allergen information, and complete nutritional information on all foods served by Sodexo.

BITE copy.pngThe great benefit of BITE for our customers is that now we have an engaging digital platform to keep them abreast of news on where their food comes from, the stories of the farmers, the chefs who’ve lovingly grown and created the dishes- And of course, with the new Bonus Bites program, special offers, deals and added benefits of being a Sodexo customer,” said Tim Ripley, Vice President of development.

As the BITE app continues to grow, Sodexo wants to see more engagement with the Bonus Bites loyalty program. Sodexo says they want to reward their loyal customers for purchases that they’ve made by giving special offers and certain perks.

In addition to the Bonus Bites loyalty program, BITE provides a feature in the settings tab called FitBit. This feature presents health technology to its users fingertips. The FitBit setting allows individuals to track their nutrition as part of the all-inclusive wellness overview. BITE also gives user the option of scanning their food, which will automatically provide them with the item’s-nutritional information.BITE2 copy.png

With 65 percent of students on William Penn campus on an athletic scholarship, said Athletics Director Greg Hafner, it’s no surprise that students are tracking the foods they eat, the amount of calories they consume, and asking questions about the ingredients in certain foods.

“It’s user friendly. I like the blue and white interface its simple colors. It’s nice to look at and easy to read. I think the students should download BITE because it obviously helps them improve their eating lifestyle and eating habits. Which, unfortunately often times they are bad and very unhealthy. So if you have an app like this one to regulate the amount of calories you take in each day and each meal, that can be a huge plus sign” said Richard Putnam, WPU basketball player.

BITE can be downloaded for free on both iTunes and Google Play and once downloaded individuals will need to provide William Penn’s site-specific information code before having access to all the app’s features.


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