The New “P” at Penn

By: Beth Waller

Penn students will have a host of new opportunities arising for them this year in the form of the new campus hotspot, the George Daily Pavilion.

1927.jpgStudents and community members who have passed the Student Union and Penn Hall may have noticed quite a lot of construction equipment strung across the lawn. This is the future home of the pavilion, a project that has been over a year in the making. Where once an empty stretch of grass stood (and prior to that, tennis courts) there will now stand two sheltered pavilions, a sand volleyball court, and a reconstruction of the famous letter “P,” which holds a special place in the hearts of many William Penn alumni.

The project was a demanding one, but it has had plenty of supporters. Committee members include Milt Campbell with Buildings and Grounds, Levi Tarbell of Student Activities, Greg Hafner as Vice President of Operations, Nik Rule with Corp/Foundation Relations, Jennifer Wilson as Marketing Manager, and Marsha Riordan, Vice President of Advancement.

“The objective is creating a social, interactive space on campus with a recreational component. It will be a wonderful place to hang out with each other as students, [create] recreational opportunities, [host] outdoor movie nights on the hill…Through your college experience you will build friendships that will last a lifetime, and those relationships are priceless.” Marsha RiordanDSC_0095.JPG

There have also been several local businesses that have contributed their efforts, as well as a grant from the George Daily Trust, giving the pavilion its name. Numerous alumni have also stepped in to support the project, and will be given the opportunity to leave their names engraved into the pavestones used in construction (an opportunity that will also be given to Penn students, as there are still several stones available to buy!)


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