Where’s the School Spirit?

By: Alyssa Kerry

William Penn University’s Residence Life continues to rejuvenate the unity on campus.

William Penn’s Residence Life takes on new projects this year in attempt to bring students closer through improved school-wide events. The overall goal is to grow the amount of school spirit and unity by creating events that join students together in an exciting, new environment. This initiative is something Residence Life has been working on most of the summer.

The university’s Residence Life is responsible for making WPU students as comfortable as possible by helping them adjust and making their experiences the best that they can be. Not only do they help plan events for the campus, but they are also available in case of an emergency.IMG_2739.jpg

Residence Life has always been a place for students to be able to meet and interact with each other. Senior, Courtney Cunningham, said “residence life these past years have been a safe and welcoming place for anyone living on-campus.”

IMG_2736.jpgDianne Burns, the co-director of Residence Life, said the university over the past few years has been working towards heightening what it does to make students feel welcomed on campus.

Burns said, “we have to first rebuild each individual dorm before we are able to bring them back all together.”

Through student based surveys from last year, Burns feels by combining the events together rather than focusing on each individual dorm it will allow more people to be able to meet each other. Allowing students to be able to connect with other students that they may not have had the opportunity to will lead to friendly interactions on campus.

Cunningham said “the events have been fun and filled with great prizes, everyone always leaves with something!” A good time as well as to get something out of it, a part of what residence life hoped students would experience.

Although prizes have never been the focus, it is a newer goal to have the events lean more towards school spirit and support of each other within what the university already does.

Sophomore, Amber Ovel, is one of the Community Event Coordinators (CEC) on campus said, “we have some really good event plans and the community should come more together this year with the team we have” referring to the event coordinators across campus.IMG_3069.jpg

The CEC team will be in charge of planning events with Residence Life that to be held on-campus every month. With the sole goal of making st
udents more involved and supporting the various events that are already going on.

The CEC team and Residence Life will be putting on a couple of Pre-Game events on the next couple of months prior to football games, soccer and volleyball matches. These events will be including music, food and lawn games! Keep up to date on when the events will be through the Residence Life Facebook Page.


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