Who Are The Greeks?

By: Caylah Morrow

Are you unsure of where you might fit in at William Penn University? Do you feel like the only people you connect with are your teammates? Becoming involved with Greek Life may be just what you need to change that!

The term Greek Life refers to all of the sororities and fraternities that collectively exist at the Institution. Being part of Greek Life has many advantages for students; growing connections with administration and alumni, building friendships with new people, helping the community, and so much more!


Alpha Eta Omega The sorority has been on campus since 1970. It died in 2011 but then in 2015 three girls, including current president Noelle Luebbers brought it back. Luebbers states, “We are based on community service. Doing as much for people in the community as we can. You can be ready for there to be an Alpha flower garden on campus in the future. Also we plan on hosting campus wide events like a cookouts.”
Lambda Delta Phi Nu is a social sorority that was founded in the spring of 1971. This sororities focuses on being female leaders that are highly dedicated to helping the community and University, making an impact and becoming noticed. The Lambdas also focus on chasing their goal of Excellency.
Pi Gamma Xi is a sorority that is based off of community service and connecting with fellow sisters. Alyssa Kerry is the current President of the sorority who states, “We try to build relationships with students and alumnae in a fun and creative environment”.
Nu Psi Tau is a sorority that has recently been created. They consist mainly of international females who have come together to form a sisterhood.
Delta Beta Phi is a fraternity that only consists of one member; however, they have been around since the 1970s! They are working on building their fraternity back up.
Sigma Phi Sigma is a fraternity that is deeper than a brotherhood. They are the founders of Greek life on campus, established in 1963. The Sigmas focus on building relationships as well as giving back to the community and William Penn University. Jeremy French, current president, states, “We are very diverse and we love that. We have engineers, biologists, teachers, and more! At the end of the day, we are a support system”.
Theta Alpha Psi is a fraternity of as group of men who want to influence the student body and change the way our athletic programs view Fraternities on campus. Justin Holmes, the current President, states, “I just want to be better than I was the year before”. 
Theta Kappa Psi is a Co-Ed Greek Organization whose approach to professionalism rests on seven pillars: leadership, integrity, courage, dedication, passion, empowerment, and sisterhood/brotherhood. They focus on finding structure and support through the strength of their brothers and sisters. Beth Barnes, the current president and founder, states, “Through this sisterhood/brotherhood, we want to create an environment which our members become leaders in sustainability and confident in their lives. We believe that a strong community leads to a healthy society”.

In order to become part of any of the above Greek organizations, you must get recruited. Recruitment occurs during Rush Week, the week when all Greek events are organized. This time occurs during two parts of the year, once in the fall and once in the spring.



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