Safety First On-Campus

By Alyssa Kerry and Miranda Keeler

In recent years, the Federal Government has been updating the rules for Title IX by changing the standards and regulation requirements.

According to Levi Tarbell, “it was changed and implemented because the federal government changed their standards and their entire process of how colleges have to operate and improve the process.”  

With the changes, it has often needed to be updated to ensure that the policies are working to the best of their ability. And they are working towards having the most positive and effective thoughts behind the updates to create the best outcomes.

The policy- now a work in progress, is slowly going through tweeks to make it as best as it can be. By making a small amount progress on TItle IX, they are ultimately ensuring that they are not going too far or missing out on important details. To determine what is important for the policy, a team looks at what has been found, and taught by research, conferences and what other universities has implemented. It is then taken in, applied to the university itself to see what it is that needs to be acquired to work for Penn.

The team which is comprised of leaders like Greg Hafner and Tarbell have put together meetings monthly with a “Title IX resource that is assigned to our district. [This woman] leads the discussions, the do’s and the don’ts, and tips to handle Title IX instances,”  according to Tarbell.

Not only has the team been working on the policy itself, but the resources that are open to both students and faculty.

According to Tarbell “A lot of the big effect has been creating more materials and having more resources for the students.”

These sorts of resources have included Quick Reference sheets for faculty and staff, a newly added section on the website, moodle and eagle. The goal behind the materials is to provide information and help to those that are seeking it. While having the information be in a convenient location for all parties that may need or want it.   

While faculty and staff may be the first students may think to contact when concerning a Title IX case, Residence Assistants and Community Event Coordinators can be a friendly face to confide in. 

Hafner and Tarbell want to genuinely express the utmost concern for safety of men and women on Penn’s campus. That was the point both advocates wish to stress the most. All of William Penn’s students has access to Title IX information and assistance. There will be more changes in the procedure for Title IX within the next couple years to fully enhance all avenues of assistance and procedure for the situation.


Check out this video!


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