Statesmen Football

By Alyssa Kerry

Coming off of a solid first season in the Heart of America Conference last year the Statesmen squad had big hopes at the start of the 2016 season. Ending the previous season with a record of 7-4 overall and the notable losses of the Class of 2015, it left a year of firsts for the Statesmen this fall. The William Penn University football team came into the season with the hopes that talent would trump inexperience.

The Statesmen started off the season a bit rocky, losing back to back games by 1 point. After yet another loss, the Statesmen started the season with an 0-3 record.

Junior Amos Johnson, said “I feel as though we had a slow start putting this together and catching a rhythm as a team. Now we’ve got into the flow of things.”

Within the last couple of weeks, the Statesmen have been able to work together a lot better and improve their record to 4-3.  

What started out as a slow start has turned into a team that has been able to grow together to create something that works well for them. The team has just 11 seniors this year and only 19 juniors to round up the upperclassmen, not accounting for the few transfer students that haven’t been in the program previously. This obviously leaves the Statesmen with a lot of young players and some big potential.


P.C. Bob Barns

The beginning of the season “young guys were playing major roles for the team and they needed the first couple of games to get their feet underneath them and adjust to the higher level of play,” said Johnson.

With a schedule packed full of games this fall, it has given them the opportunity to work together, and build off of their talent to have that shift towards increased experience.

Junior Winston Green, said, “our team stepped up to the challenge of being 0-3 like champions.”

Green went on to comment on the fact that football isn’t an individual sport that they focused on, “…not pointing the finger we all looked in the mirror and asked ourselves what can we do to make this team better”


P.C Bob Barns

Being a brother and a Statesmen is more than just one person, it is the team that is going to get them to where they each want to be at the end of the season. This attitude is something that they have been working on creating amongst the players.

The Statesmen are now entering the time in which they play tough, strenuous conference games, which will help set them up for what will come during the playoffs. Starting of with a home game against Graceland November 5th, kick-off is slated for 12 p.m.


Here is the William Penn Football Promo that members of the media created over the past few weeks! Be sure to Check it out.





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