Pregame and Tailgate

By Ashlyn Hubbard

William Penn University Residence Life is making big waves in the college experience for on-campus students.There are many events going on this year and some of them take a lot of planning on behalf of the Residence Life staff.

The pregame event is the night before home football games, it consists of students getting together and playing large lawn games such as the game known as corn hole. During the event there is also food and drinks given to students and a lot of social time.

Co-Director of Residence Life Dianne Burns says, “Something to bring the student residents together either the night before the game on campus or at the game for pregame.  We hope to offer games, prizes, music, and opportunity for meeting new people.” Burns has been keeping a close eye on the planning of these events so they can be perfect for students to enjoy.

Events Coordinator for Lewis Hall, Amber Ovel, says “These events are made so students have something to do instead of just sitting around their room bored with friends. It will benefit the students as long as they want to benefit from them. Meaning they have to want to try out the events, for themselves to have a good time.” The goal for event planners such as Ovel is that students will branch out and try and get out of their dorm rooms and get involved in the events.

Burns is also hoping that staff members will also join in on the events and get to know students that way. Burns said, “We would love to have faculty and staff join us both on campus and at the stadium.  Stop in, say hello, play some games, dance.  You name it.” Staff members can have just as much fun as students can have at these events because they are events where everyone can find something fun to do.

The tailgating is another event that happens the day of any home football games that have a later start time that day. Residents Life has not yet put one of these on yet but there is hope that the first one will go over very well. This event consists of students and staff getting together at Lacey Stadium and eating food, celebrating the home game, and maybe even winning some prizes if given the chance that will be happening that day. 

As many students do not have anything to do before each home game, Residence Life members who plan these events hope that students will attend the tailgating and pregame events and enjoy each other’s company. The events that Residence Life puts on are for the students and staff to enjoy their time at William Penn University and support the sports teams as well.


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