Women’s Soccer

By Wesley Leffelman

The 2016 season has been a bumpy ride for the Women’s Soccer team so far this season. They have had their fair share of ups and downs all throughout the year, and of course they have had to deal with things like injuries which has forced them to come together as a team.

On top of that the Statesmen have also played a very difficult schedule when you consider that of their 8 losses 4 have come against top 25 opponents. So far on the season the ladies hold a 4-8-1 record with a record of 2-5-1 in conference play.DSC04054C-XL.jpg

Over the past month the Statesmen have gone 2-5-1 against a very strong level of competition. Possibly the biggest issue for the squad is just that they have been unable to produce goals on a consistent basis. Early on in the month of October the Statesmen were having a real draught. Over a five game spell they failed to put one in the back of the net in regulation time. In a game where the objective is to score and keep your opponent from doing so, being unable to get on the board is not productive.

However the darkest always comes right before the dawn. In that fifth game they were able to end the drought in double overtime. It was a huge step in the right direction for the Statesmen as they were able to get a much needed win over conference foe Avila.DSC03957C-X2.jpg

They then took that momentum with them heading into their next game against rival Grand View. It was an excellent and hard fought game that saw our ladies play a great game as they tied 1-1 with the Vikings. It is the kind of game that left you feeling like the Statesmen probably should have come out on top as they were able to put 13 shots on goal and create some rather great opportunities late in the game for themselves. Unfortunately on that day it was just not meant to be as the ball didn’t bounce the Statesmen way and they were unable to score and take the lead late. Overall, however, it was a spectacular performance for the ladies.

On the season the Statesmen have been outscored by opponents 45-34. The squad has been paced so far by Graciela Belmontes, Alyce Correia and Isabelle Lucking as they have been the only three players on the team to have played in and started all 13 games to this point in the season. In terms of scoring however Francis Lee is leading the way. She is the team’s leader in goals with three as well as total points with eight. On the defensive end of the pitch the Statesmen have been led by Adriana Borjon. She has been an absolute rock in goal as she has started 12 of the 13 goals and averages just over 5 saves a game along with 2 shutouts. Overall the team has been consistently improving heading towards tournament time. By the time the conference tournament rolls around there is no doubt the Statesmen will be ready.


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