A Haunting at Lewis

By Zach Tracy

Friday, October 28 marked the yearly Halloween party thrown by Residence Life. The event was held in Lewis Hall which was transformed into a dance floor, haunted house and an area for games. Attendees lined up in their costumes to experience the haunted house and a chance at the costume awards, to dance the night away and enjoy delicious food. That night four awards for costumes were given by a panel of RA’s to most creative (Bag of Jelly Beans), the scariest (Purge Girl), best couple (Hook and Emma Swan), the best pop culture reference (Willie from Duck Dynasty) and best overall (Two Men Dressed as Women). Along with music played outside, there were refreshments like food and candy to enjoy. Away from the dancing and gathering of friends, students escaped to the haunted house to experience a fright. Brave students waited in a dark room while anticipating their turn to walk through.IMG_4008.jpg


Student, Rafael Belman said, “I ain’t going in there bro,” minutes before the start. Once inside, the experience became surreal with the sound of a chainsaw and a weeping girl in the corner nearby. If groups could withstand that, they would eventually come upon an open area filled with balloons large enough to hold any creature or being, if desired. To much surprise, nothing was hiding in the balloons, but rather right behind you ready with a balloon to pop. It was an unexpected move that would have made anyone jump. The experience of the path in the haunted houseIMG_4005.jpg made students want to go back again and again.

Besides going through the haunted house, students had time to sit and socialize with friends. The gathering at Lewis gave students an opportunity to meet new people. The Residence Life party was a huge success, with over 200 students in attendance and provided Penn students with a good time to kick off the Halloween weekend!



Media Club produced a video of what the haunted house looked like! Check it out!

Haunted House Video


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