Finding Kindness in Hard Places

By: Miranda Keeler

With the growing amount of negativity we see in media these days, it’s nice to find a little daily reminder of how great our lives truly are. Whether it’s a quick text from a loved one or a hug from a friend, a simple interaction could easily lift your spirits. But, what if that much needed encouragement comes from a complete and anonymous stranger?Picture2.png

That is exactly what The Kindness Rocks Project is all about. The movement started just a short time ago, but has taken the country, and world, by storm. The spark for this project began when Megan Murphy went through a difficult stage in her life by losing her parents at a younger age. On Murphy’s morning walks on the nearby Boston beach, she would constantly be on the look for “signs” perceived as “divine messages.” It could have been something as simple as a specifically shaped rock or a remnant from the ocean. She held the thought that each of these signs signified that things would be okay.Picture1.png

Motivated by these signs, she moved on to create the movement by gathering friends to paint and decorate small stones with inspiration sayings, quotes, or simple bible verses. The stones are then placed in random, public places to be discovered by the everyday person. People are invited to pocket the stone if they feel it will give them strength, serve as a constant reminder, or bring them positive fortune.

The goal of The Kindness Rocks Project is to “inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way. As well as, recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.” To learn more about The Kindness Rocks Project or to join in on the movement across the country and world visit the website at      


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