Students Visit Big Time News

Channel 8, KCCI, is big time news. It was a field trip filled with unbelievable experiences for everyone involved. If you are someone from Central Iowa then you more than likely grew up with KCCI being on in your house. It’s the kind of thing everyone knows about. Because of that for some of the students from Iowa the trip had an even bigger effect on them. A couple of the students had even commented that they had grown up their whole lives watching KCCI on TV and were hoping that they might be able to speak to some of the people they had seen on the news their whole lives. So when that opportunity came you could really see how it lit up some of the students and that it was truly an encounter that they cherished.

A  field trip to Des Moines involved ten members of the media club and allowed them to visit the KCCI news studios on October 28. It was an opportunity that gave students an insight into every part of the news production process. Since is was such an in-depth experience to how everything works, it’s a matter that is very high paced behind the scenes and made a couple students considering going into broadcast specifically into news very excited. It allowed them to see exactly what they could do with their lives in a close and personal manner. It was the kind of thing that you could see really motivated a few of the students to get to that level and be able to reach their career goals.

As far as the experience, it was something that was interesting because KCCI gave the group access to everything and were extremely helpful. They made sure to answer any and every question that students might have for them and allowed them to see everything up close and personal. The KCCI staff were all extremely nice as they allowed us to sit in the control room for half of the news production. As well as in the studio the other half, allowing the students to watch the broadcasters work. Afterwards, the broadcasters, floor workers and producers all gave us as much time as we wanted to look at things and take pictures, all while they continued to answer questions and educate us about the ways in which they go about getting things done.

In my personal opinion, the best part of the whole trip was the time just before we left when everyone-staff included, loosened up and relaxed. It allowed everyone enjoy the time and it gave more of the feeling that they are just normal people. Maybe the best part of the whole trip was when the weatherman was attempting to take a face-swap picture on Snapchat. It’s always great when someone allows their true colors to shine in a manner that is so friendly. All in all, it was an amazing trip that was eye-opening and a truly unforgettable experience.

On November 11, another trip was taken by the Media Club. A small group of students traveled to Des Moines to visit Strategic America, a marketing and public relations agency.

Upon arrival to Strategic America, the group realized that many of the employees were not much older than them. Miranda Keeler said, “It was nice seeing people in the workforce just a few years older than me working in a successful agency with skills I possess now.” An employee gave a short presentation, while after a panel of employees answered any questions the students had.

Strategic America is an agency that specializes in media buying, planning and creative marketing for corporations — big or small.

The group then took a tour around the office to see the different departments in action on a work day. At the conclusion of the tour, members had one final chance to ask questions before leaving.

It was a memorable trip that was extremely beneficial to the students. Seeing the field that they could some day work in was an eye-opening experience that filled them with the motivation to work even harder and create a bright future.


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