Men’s Bowling Look to Pick Up Pins

The men’s bowling team looks to grow as a team as they start out their season this fall. With a team that has six seniors and four freshmen, the men’s bowling squad has a lot of experience to go off of for the first few months of the season.

An early season ranking by, placed the men at #22 in the nation coming into this season. After finishing last year in 18th, prior to heading off to sectionals in February 2016.


Lucas Perdieu

At the season opener on October 2, the squad placed 14th out of 42 teams, led by freshman David Decker. They continued later that month at the Western Shootout, placing 5th out of 23 teams. Senior, Lucas Perdieu, led his squad with a high average which earned him a 15th place finish.
More recently, the Statesmen placed 13th out of 36 teams at the Leatherneck Classic on November 14. Leading the team was Nick Walker, who placed in the top 20; followed by Stian Hoff who has a 198.7 average.


Bret Keimig

Junior, Bret Keimig, said, “our squad is preparing to make some noise in the next big tournament. We are really working on our spares and team chemistry…”

He also notes that, “David Decker is a freshman this year and he is tearing up the lanes for us…he has a lot of experience with bowling, so I really think he is a good asset to the team this year.”

With the mixture of returning and new players, the Statesmen look to continue working towards making spares and being more of a team. Both are detrimental to carry them through the rest of the season.



Roster Members:

Cody Adair- Senior

Quincy Bruce-Junior

Braxton Coble-Sophomore

David Decker-Freshman

Josh Fane- Freshman

Jason Forsyth-Sophomore

Stian Hoff- Senior

Ryan Howard- Senior

Bret Keimig- Junior

Josh Kragh- Freshman

Curtis Majka- Junior

Logan Mason- Sophomore

Alex Mitterer- Freshman

Lucas Perfieu- Senior

Ryan Racimo- Senior

Kyle Reese- Senior

Rylie Reidel- Junior

Nick Walker- Sophomore


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