Women’s Bowling Take to the Lanes

With the winter season upon us, the Women’s Bowling team has beg


Amber Ovel

un to make progress in what is looking to be a promising season. With seven freshmen this year, and only 2 seniors, the Statesmen team is full of young talent looking to gain experience this year. The seniors on the team are having to step up and help teach this young crew how to bowl with experience. Sophomore, Amber Ovel, from Waterloo, Iowa said, “we have some good incoming freshman who have been good assets for the team.”

A recent competition took place in Cedar Rapids on November 1, at the Five Seasons Classic hosted by Mount Mercy, with the Statesmen coming in third place out of nine teams. Senior, Stephanie Adams, who was recently named


Stephanie Adams

to Canada’s 2017 Adult Team by the Canadian Tenpin Federation High Performance Committee. Hit a 209.4 mark during the Cedar Rapids tournament, which placed her fifth and helped guide the Statesmen in qualifying, her contributions to the team will be crucial throughout the season.

Ovel, who is in her second season with the Statesmen is confident about the team’s chances of making it to nationals this year.

“I think we can. This is the strongest team we have had in awhile,” said Ovel.

The women’s bowling team looks to develop more experience and continue to grow as a team as they compete is more tournaments throughout the season.


2016-17 Roster 

Stephanie Adams-Senior

MacKenzie Boyd-Senior

Elizabeth Christy- Junior

Nicole Craft-Freshman

Audra Farley- Junior

Melinda Garrett-Freshman

Kaylee Gerken- Sophomore

Kayla Gifoord- Freshman

Lindsey Howard-Freshman

Cybil Lennie- Junior

Briell Newberry-Junior

Amber Ovel- Sophomore

Bailey Palmer-Freshman

Maddison Saner-Freshman

Rachel Wesely-Freshman



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