Achoo! It’s that Time of Year Again

By Zach Tracy

Coughs, sneezes and sniffling noses entered the classrooms again as the winter season came to William Penn. And that meant one thing: it was the time of year again for everyone to get yearly flu shots. The campus health center in the PAC makes this a very easy process. Flu shots on campus are $25, or even free with certain insurances.

If students do not plan to get their flu shots, there are many other alternatives to prevent getting sick. Washing hands frequency as well as little things such as avoiding touching your eyes and mouth can significantly help you reduce the chances of you getting sick.

However, getting a flu shot is usually more effective than any of those combined. A flu shot is fast and simple and you will be done in no time at all. Antibodies develop in the body around two weeks after the vaccination. These antibodies provide protection against any infection with the viruses that are present in the vaccine.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) projects that they will need to be able to provide up to 157 to 168 million doses of injectable influence for the U.S. health system. Samantha Mauer, a nurse at William Penn’s campus health center, realizes the importance of flu shots. She said, “The only way you can get the flu after getting the vaccination is if you had it already.” By getting the flu shot, you are more likely to stay healthy throughout this time of year. With all the benefits of getting a flu shot, you can expect a sick free holiday season.


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