New Semester Off to a Smokey Start

IMG_4606 2.20.21 PM.jpgThe spring semester didn’t start like it normally does for student this year. On Sunday January 8th right before the evening dining service there was a small, contained fire in the kitchen of the Cafeteria.IMG_4607 2.20.35 PM.jpg

No one was injured in the blaze, and there was only limited amounts of damages within the air.

The fire, which started from a chemical reaction in a mop bucket caused the two mops to catch on fire according they started to smolder according the Vice President of Operations, Greg Hafner.

According to Hafner, the procedure set in place with the University went very effectually “the extent of the damage was not caused so much by the fire itself, but more by the amount of smoke within the area. Due to the large quantities of smoke, students were unable to eat in the dinning hall after the following evening, after the area had been cleaned and approved.”

IMG_4605 2.19.55 PM.jpgCurrently, the Sodexo staff is using grills to provide food services to the students, until they are able to go back to fully preparing meals.IMG_4604 (1).jpg

The University is in the process of repairing the damages and expect to have them finished by the middle of next week.


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