Convocation cancelled, reasons explained

The spring semester is normally kick-started with an annual event designed to motivate students and allow them to regroup and continue their hard work through the new year. Unfortunately for students and staff, the Dean’s Convocation was cancelled on January 18.

“Convocations are opportunities for universities to gather, talk about ideas, and feel unified,” Dean Stahle stated.

Having been marked as a rare occurrence, the cancellation led to many questions from the students, as well as staff and faculty members. The one pertinent question asked was, “Why did the event get cancelled?”

In an interview with Jasmin Sonnenschein and Becky Kopp, Dean Noel Stahle expressed that the event had to unfortunately be cancelled because the University was unable to find an appropriate guest speaker in time for the scheduled event. “The Dean’s Convocation in January, most often, has been about motivation or something more inspiring,” Stahle said, “[We] struggled finding a speaker for the last several months and tend to hunt  for candidates that are Penn alum. Have been known to search for various other rousing professionals.”

This cancellation was a first for Dean Stahle in his 12 years at William Penn. He has never had to cancel an event before. Stahle relies on planning, up to a year in advance, for campus held events like this to ensure success and attendance. However, in late December, Dean Stahle realized that the event would inevitably be nullified. There will also be no scheduled make-up date.

Other scheduled events in the future that students can look forward to include the Leaders Speak Series, which offer a variety of different presenters speaking about growth and opportunities, on February 15, March 14, and April 11; also Senior Recitals on February 5 and the Spring Musical February 23 through the 25.


Check out a news package produced and edited by Jasmin Sonnenschein and Becky Kopp.


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