Penn students activate club to help young children

By Beth Lobberecht

Our nation has become incredibly active in recent years, with citizens marching, fundraising and petitioning for their values and beliefs. Due to the fast-paced advances of social media, these techniques are now not only becoming accessible to those who might never have had the opportunity to participate previously, but their influences are being felt on a much larger scale than ever before. This leads to more awareness and a larger impact.

Although many of today’s movements have a tendency to spur disagreement and cause rifts between neighbors, there are those that still have the capacity to touch the heartstrings of all. “Love Your Melon” is one such organization. Run in its entirety by college students across the country, the group concerns itself not with politics or parties, but with raising funds for some of those most in need—cancer patients. Group members make and sell apparel, donating 50 percent of the proceeds to cancer research. Their signature is the beanie hat, but there are many other merchandise options to select from like baseball caps, tee-shirts and accessories. The cause that makes LYM so great is that for every one hat that is sold, another is donated to a child with cancer. Additionally, Love Your Melon donates fifty percent of their total profit to pediatric cancer research.

The group works through more than just extension, however—for every 250 credits, earned through purchases credited towards the college at checkout, the credited group receives a budget to plan a day for a child with cancer. William Penn’s group—started last year by Daniela Diaz and Shania Cubit, and now run by Callie Arnold—has made visits to three children so far. Though the budget was small, they made do with what they could to ensure each child was given a wonderful day.

Arnold wants the students of Penn to know that there are plenty of ways to get involved and show your support: “We have a full group right now as far as this semester [is concerned] because LYM only allows you to have a certain number of members…but the entire campus can get involved [in] supporting us by purchasing apparel and crediting wmpenn at checkout.” Updates and information are also given often via social media, so be sure to follow their progress.

There are plenty of causes worth fighting for in the world, so go credit William Penn and help out a child in need!

For more information on the group or how to be involved, go to


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