Leaders Speak Series to return Wednesday

The Leaders Speak Series, which began in the fall, will soon continue this spring semester. Beginning February 15, various professionals who are successful within their fields,  will visit campus and in an open session present and share various ideas and subjects to anyone interested.

The speeches are held at 6 PM in the Musco Technology Center on the William Penn campus and it is always open to the public and free to attend.

The upcoming dates this semester are February 15, where guest speaker Sarah Derry visits with her speech entitled “Greatness STEMs from Iowans”. On March 14, Daniel Boscaljon will talk about his topic “The Wonder of Thinking at All”. Lastly on April 11, Adrienne Haynes presents “Redefining the Status Quo”.

Last semester’s speeches were very interesting and this semester’s will also be worth the visit. So take an hour out of your schedule and spend it on gaining new impressions or perhaps broadening your mind. If you can not make it out to the speech, a live stream will be available to watch and the presentations will later be added to William Penn’s Digital Communications YouTube page.
Visit wmpenn.edu/News/News_releases for more information on the individual speakers and their topics.


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