Statesmen take Spring Training across the Nation

On March 4 it’s finally time – time for SPRING BREAK 2K17; the week in which many college students get crazy, migrate to the warm places, and take their minds off of school.



Brooke Fletcher

William Penn students all have different plans for this spring break. “I am traveling with my golf team to the Las Vegas area. We are going to practice and play some golf; getting us ready for the spring season,” said Brooke Fletcher, golf player for the Statesmen.




Cory Russell

Golf is not the only team that travels over spring break – softball and baseball take a trip as well. “We go to Tucson, Arizona, and get to play baseball on perfect fields,” said Cory Russell, a member of the baseball team.


Softball is also going to Tucson to participate in the Tucson Invitational Games in which colleges from all over the country and different divisions compete. Spring break week for them means to focus on playing baseball or softball outside, and take the advantage of  getting the chance to play on “the perfect fields the major league teams play on” said Russell.



Kayla Browning

“My day usually looks like waking up, eating breakfast, going to the fields for two games, then going with my family to hang out and then being back for my team meeting and then going to bed”, said Kayla Browning, softball player for Penn.

The players get to see their family while being in Arizona and also get a full day off “Where we are able to go swimming, shopping, and even being with our families the whole day,” Browning said.


Frederik Lundsgaard

The Women’s Golf team however, is dedicating their time to focusing on intense practices and sightseeing, and the Men’s Golf team travels to Destin, Florida. Golfer Frederik Lundsgaard said that he looks forward to the trip. “We will be able to look around in the area. In the past years we spent about half of each day on golf and the rest was all about having fun and doing some sightseeing!”

Nevertheless, other students travel with their friends and teammates independently of athletics. Cedric Petter is traveling with a group of soccer friends to Panama City Beach. “I just want to get out of Oskaloosa and to the warm weather. I want to have an unforgettable spring break.”


Cedric Petter

Cedric is an international student and he leaves after this semester to go home so for him, spring break is something he has to experience before going back to Germany since they do not have a spring break or at least do not “celebrate” it like here in America. For the group it was not hard to book a hotel. “It was very easy, which we didn’t expect because it is Panama City.”

And then there are the students that are lucky enough to come from the warm places, so they just have to go home for spring break to enjoy the sun and warmth. ”I go home for every break we get,” said Lilly Martinez from California. “For spring break, I’ll be going out with friends and enjoying my time off!”

Spring break is a week where many students at WPU spend their time in places they get to absorb as much sun as they can before returning to Iowa and the college life.


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