SGA Meet and Greets

William Penn has always valued student opinion regarding campus events. Recently, the Student Government Association has taken it upon itself to compile impressions about current school activities so as to expand upon and improve campus life for all involved.


Left, Amanda Nantz, Kyle Baldassarre, Sofie Lund, Carly Schmalz, Alyssa Kerry and Noelle Lubbers. Not Pictured Taylor Carter. 

On the third Thursday of every month from 11 AM to 1 PM, the group will be set up in the cafeteria to take suggestions on what students would like to see improved (or what they currently feel is going well) around campus—aptly named, “Meet and Greets.”


Sofie Lund

The initiative began last month as a way for students to not only actively give feedback on various activities and projects, but also to help publicize who and what is involved in the group itself. “It’s a simple way to get our name out on campus and for students to recognize who we are so they know who they can go to with any questions,” says Sofie Lund, SGA Vice President.

Lund says that, as they have only had a single Meet and Greet so far, they have not had a lot of feedback but most suggestions have involved upgrades to the cafeteria and the PAC, which they hope to be able to discuss and possibly implement in the future. Lighting improvements around campus is another popular request that will be considered.


Noelle Lubbers

Noelle Luebbers adds that there will be more involvement than just the suggestion box, however. “Members will also walk around and speak to students one on one,” she says. “My role is to go around and get to know students and see what they think.”

The hope is that, by getting to know the students they represent on a more personal level, the students will in turn be more open to sharing their opinions and insights.


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