WPU Introducing New Iowa-wide Scholarship


The Iowa Pride Scholarship. Future William Penn students now have a new scholarship opportunity available. It is designed for graduates off Iowa high schools and Iowa residents only and is offered in addition to the Mahaska County Scholarship and the Penn Area Scholarship. These two grants have existed for several years but the new, Iowa-wide scholarship is now introduced to WPU recruits beginning in the Fall semester 2017.


Kerry Strong 

Kerra Strong, Vice President for Enrollment Management, says that this scholarship will help bring more Iowa students to William Penn, “We think that this scholarship will help grow the Iowa population here at William Penn as it has proven to do so within Mahaska county and the surrounding area. When we started Mahaska County Scholarship about ten years ago, we would get a couple of kids out of Oskaloosa high school and now we’re between 20 and 25 every year.”

The Mahaska County and Penn Area scholarships cover students from or around the county, but the Iowa Pride Scholarship now gives students from all over the state opportunity for a grant to attend Penn.

According to Strong this scholarship also helps some of potential recruits to decide in favor of Penn. “After sending out information letters about the scholarship, some of the students who had not even yet applied are now applying to Penn because now they see that we can be an affordable option for them. Many students see that large-sticker price and they think that they can’t afford it without really understanding the different types of scholarships and grants that they might be eligible for. We want to make Penn an affordable option.”

According to Strong, the Mashaska County Scholarship and the Penn Area Scholarship will continue. “We are just broadening it out to have a third additional program that covers the rest of the state of Iowa for scholarship opportunities.”

To qualify for this scholarship, students have to be Iowa residents and graduated from an Iowa high school with a 3.00 cumulative GPA (or higher). A FASFA also has to be filed by July 1 prior to that academic year and students have to enroll at Penn as a full-time student in the fall following the high school graduation. The scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 2.700 GPA at the end of every fall semester and the FASFA has to be submitted by July 1 every year the student is enrolled.

“We’re really excited about the potential for this. Student population wise we’re typically 50 percent Iowan, 50 percent from all over the US and the world. This year we’re about 41 percent from Iowa, so we would like to help boost our Iowa population and get to the more historical fifty-fifty split. We’re really proud of what we offer in terms of an educational experience and being able to expose Iowa kids to all different kinds of cultures here on our small campus in a small town.”

To find out more about the Iowa Pride Scholarship, contact the Admissions Office at 800-779-7366 Ext. 1 or admissions@wmpenn.edu.


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