Addition to PAC Fitness Room

By Miranda Keeler

Spring cleaning is at the forefront of many activities on campus, but a nice little face lift to the Penn Activity Center’s lower fitness room is just what some workout enthusiasts were waiting for. 


An unveiling of new fitness equipment occurred on April 12. The lower fitness room in the PAC saw the addition of a custom Torque Fitness rack. This rack  includes three Olympic training stations for bench press or squatting variations.

DSC_0583.JPGAfter speaking with Levi Tarbell, he noted this was the first time the installers had put together this customized rack and the problem is looking to be fixed by the time graduation is upon us.  

The fitness level on the third floor saw the omission of the lat pulldown machine, since there is one down in the fitness room already. The removal of several broken or irreparable stationary bikes was also made. The addition of the lying prone leg curl was made to the leg equipment section. DSC_0574.JPG

During the spring semester PAC Director, Levi Tarbell, along with others held a t-shirt fundraiser of William Penn baseball styled tees to raise funds to provide students with new equipment in the upper fitness floor and lower fitness room on the first floor.

Tarbell says there will be more significant improvements or changes to the fitness equipment within the next three to five years. A variation of a hack squat machine and smith machine are on the cusp of making an appearance in the fitness room or on the third floor in the PAC. There will also be an increase in the dumbbell rack, adding dumbbells up to 150 pounds. In addition, the three older treadmills may soon be swapped out as they are nearing the ten-year mark.


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